We help busy Marketing Managers

Develop and execute advanced digital marketing strategies based on in-depth research and data insights.

We help you generate revenue

Our results-driven approach ensures that the marketing campaigns we launch have a direct, and positive impact on the company’s overall revenue growth.

We help you save time

We are not your typical creative agency where you are forced to micro manage. Your time is valuable – brief us once, and we are ready to get to work!

We help you
save money

Professional, transparent, and honest allocation of your budget means that we help you save money, and achieve the best possible results.

We let your creative ideas come to life.

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What makes Rolling Thunder Digital different?

We specialise in working with busy Marketing Managers.
We have processes in place that allow for a quicker turnaround time.
We’re your one-stop-agency - from market research and strategy, to content planning and reporting, we do it all.
We have a tried and tested video-first approach that includes results-driven and effective VIDEO content strategies and solutions.

Marketing Managers have a lot on their plate

After working closely with Marketing Managers for nearly twenty years, RTD witnessed first hand the amount of work that requires delivery. From managing multiple teams, briefing creative and digital agencies, setting up advertising campaigns, allocating budgets, meeting deadlines, and hitting company KPI’s – Marketing Managers have a lot on their plate.

That’s where RTD comes in – we’re your hassle-free, micro-management-free digital agency that can bring your marketing dreams to life. Our team, and the processes we’ve developed, are here to support you in your efforts to elevate and improve your marketing activities.

Save over 150 hours every month

What if we told you that it’s possible to save more than 150 hours every month on market research and strategy, briefing and managing teams, content planning, and creation?

How would you feel if the only thing you needed to do, in order to run an effective marketing campaign, was just ONE brief?

This is all possible with Rolling Thunder Digital’s Marketing Manager-specific services, where we supply you with an in-depth, well-researched marketing strategy, content planner, content creation, and digital advertising, all according to your brief, without time-consuming back and forth communication.

With more than 20 years of experience working with Marketing Managers on global brands such as Emirates Airlines, Mercedes, Nike, and Coca Cola, at Rolling Thunder Digital we have perfected our processes to fit your requirements, while also saving you time and money.

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