About Rolling Thunder Digital

Rolling Thunder Digital is a video-first igital marketing and creative agency with offices in South Africa and Dubai. We specialise in working with Marketing Managers across various vertices.


We help Marketing Managers consistently reach their KPI's

We help you generate revenue

Our results-driven approach ensures that the marketing campaigns we launch have a direct, and positive impact on the company’s overall revenue growth.

We help you save time

We are not your typical creative agency where you are forced to micro manage. Your time is valuable – brief us once, and we are ready to get to work!

We help you
save money

Professional, transparent, and honest allocation of your budget means that we help you save money, and achieve the best possible results.

Our philosophy

Research First Approach

Developing a marketing campaign based on customer research is often overlooked. At Rolling Thunder Digital, we always begin by researching our clients’ target market, and really get to understand them with regards to the way they think and behave online. This allows us to create marketing strategies that are backed by the research conducted, and position our client as the go-to solution.

It's all about the KPI's.

No matter how creative or witty a marketing campain might seem, if it is not achieving the marketing KPI’s that align to your company’s revenue goals, it is not beneficial. When working with RTD, we always base all of our creative, strategic, and content-related decisions around our client’s KPI’s. This also gives our work purpose, and ensures that we’re able to offer relevant value to your target audience.

Aligned marketing vision

We love working with Marketing Managers, because we understand the volume of your responsibilities. Since most of your time is spent managing people and various teams, we feel it is crucial that we have aligned goals, so we can truly believe in your vision and can clearly and effectively demonstrate your vision in the marketing campaigns, content, and strategies that we produce together.

No need to micro manage us

Nothing is more frustrating to Marketing Managers than being forced to micro-manage people and agencies due to their inability to effectively execute the brief. When working with us, we pay close attention to the little things, and take the strategic lead – this ensures that whatever work we produce, it is exactly the way you had envisioned.