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Made for busy Marketing Managers


Our services are aimed specifically at Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, and Business Developers that are:
Tired of spending unnecessary hours having to micro-manage teams that are unable to effectively execute your vision.


Our consultations are aimed at identifying the most effective way to reach your company’s marketing objectives and goals as well as looking for any missed opportunities that may exist.


Don’t always have enough time to spend on research for a campaign? Our market research service will give your campaigns the competitive edge that is backed by data.


Get a detailed marketing strategy in place for your campaigns. This strategy will highlight exactly how leads become customers online.


Need help with fresh content ideas that will attract the right crowd online? Our content planner serves as a basis for all company content to be housed in one place, making it easier and more organised when working with multiple people.


We have talented creatives in all fields of design. Whether it’s graphic, video, or written work, we have you covered. When we are given content to create, utmost attention is given to the brief supplied by you.


We will then create a marketing strategy plan based off the research we have conducted and put together a detailed plan of action with the objective of hitting your KPI’s and overall company goals.

Why work with Rolling Thunder Digital?

We help you generate revenue

Our results-driven approach ensures that the marketing campaigns we launch have a direct, and positive impact on the company’s overall revenue growth.

We help you
save time

We are not your typical creative agency where you are forced to micro manage. Your time is valuable – brief us once, and we are ready to get to work!

We help you
save money

Professional, transparent, and honest allocation of your budget means that we help you save money, and achieve the best possible results.